Where to enter your Office product key?

How to Install Office Setup on Windows

Steps to Download Microsoft Office

Different versions of Microsoft Office are available like Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013 Office for PC and Mac, Office for Home & Business, Office Professional, and individual Office apps. You can download and install any of this as per your requirements.

If you are installing Microsoft Office for the first time, you will have to follow these pre-installation steps:

Office 365 For Home:

If you have purchased or downloaded the Office for home, it will have a unique product code. Before installing Office 365, you will have to redeem the product key.

  1. Go to office.com/setup.
  2. Sign in with your existing MS account or create a new Microsoft account. 
  3. Enter your product key and redeem it. 
  4. By redeeming your product key, your Microsoft account will be added to MS office.

You only have to redeem the product key once. If you renewing or reinstalling Office 365 for home with a new product key, use the same account details to log in, which you used during installing the previous version.

Office For Business

If the office for business has a desktop version, you will be able to install the application only after you have the license. Your organisation or the concerned person will assign you a license for your desktop, only then you will be able to install it.

Once your license is verified, you can install or reinstall Office for business anytime on your desktop.

Steps To Install Office On your PC

  1. Go the official site of Microsoft – www.office.com
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  3. After signing in you can proceed further according to your account type:
  • Select Install Office from the home page or
  • Select Install office depending on the version you want.
  1. If you have signed in with a school or work account select from the below, according to your account type.
  • From Office home page, select Install Office apps
  • To start the installation select Office 365 apps.

5. The download will start.

Steps to download Office is same for PC and Mac.

Steps to Install Microsoft Office

  • Open the downloaded file. You can find the file by opening Finder, click downloads and double click the downloaded file. 
  • In the pop-up window, click “Continue” to begin the installation.
  • Check the “I Agree” checkbox to agree to the license agreement and click “Continue”.
  • Check the instalment location. If you don’t have enough space, you can change the location and then click “Install”.
  • After the installation is finished, click on the “Close” button.

The Unique Product key is required at the beginning before the installation. Like stated earlier, you will have to redeem the key if your are installing it for the first time. Below are the steps that will show you where you have to enter your product key. 

  1. Open this page
  2. Enter your credentials for Microsoft account and click next.
  1. Next, you will be redirected to ‘Enter Your Product Key’ window.
  1. Enter the Product key that you have. If your product key is valid, you will be redirected to the download setup files window. If your key is not valid, you will see an error like the shown below.
  1. If your key is valid for other versions of Office like Office 2007, Office 2010 or Office for Mac, you will be redirected to this page. There you can enter your product key and download the right version. 

These were the steps to download and install different Microsoft Office Suits according to your requirements. And the steps on how to redeem your product key and where to enter your Office product key.

The Best Ways to MS Office 365 is helping businesses to grow

With a good number of productivity tools such as cloud services, businesses can be more productive than ever before. They can get their work done without wasting a lot of time on a single task. Finding the relevant information, sharing your thoughts and ideas with your colleagues, planning upon a certain activity is now easy and less time-consuming. In simple words, we can say that Office 365 for Business which is available at office.com/setup is a great innovation on the part of Microsoft.

Some of the apps and tools that are now a part of this productivity suite include the following:

Microsoft Connections

It is a marketing tool that has been developed to improve customers’ engagement with business employees so that they can achieve their goals easily.

Microsoft Listings

This tool is specifically for businesses that are using social media websites or applications to build up and manage their data.

Microsoft Invoicing

Using this app you can create and send professional invoices to those from whom you are expecting payments and this can be done quite instantly.

Microsoft Bookings

With the help of this app, businesses can manage and schedule their appointments without the hassle of remembering each one of them.


It reduces the manual work of classifying and submitting business travels.


The company’s bottom line will also have a positive effect if the business starts using Office 365 for Business. The services included in this software are not only cost-effective but also flexible. Moreover, if businesses deploy this Office setup on their device they need not have an IT expertise manager.

Enter Microsoft Office Setup 2019 Product key

Microsoft has released a free plugin for Microsoft Office 2016 that lets you share Microsoft PowerPoint slides on social networks. The new Social Share allows you to share slides (PPTs) individuals or entire presentations Microsoft Office 2016 Product key created on the platform as images, photo albums or even videos with transitions and animations intact on Facebook and Twitter. visit-www.office.com/setup
All about Office 2016 The slides are displayed office 2016 key activation exactly as they are, obviating the use, for example, of Slide Share. In addition, the user can view all the comments without leaving the application.

100% working and genuine Microsoft Office 2016 product key

After installing the plugin, you can share the content of their presentations in social networks without having to leave PowerPoint. Individual slides are converted to pictures, while complete presentations office 2016 Product key cheap turn into albums on Facebook. If you prefer to pack everything in a video, it will be sent to the desired platform without losing any animation or transition created in PowerPoint.

The news promises to be very useful for those who are in a Conference, for example. “You can post your PowerPoint on Twitter and show it to an audience and keep track of the comments microsoft office 2016 product key during the presentation,” said Vidyaraman Sankaranarayanan, Wildfire Program Manager in Office. Still, the plugin also automatically office plus 2016 product key shares your documents for OneDrive, meaning you can share the link with your friends or more who want t

Microsoft Office 2016 product key is available

The Social function Share is the newest product of Microsoft Garage, software company program created for cheap office 2016 employees more creative launch experimental projects. The Garage has recently launched Setup office professional plus 2016 product key several applications, such as Twist, Snip, the Android browser ms office pro 2016 product key Arrow and Home Team, an app for Windows Phone that recommends maintenance professionals for your contacts.

On the pages of informational source Office Blog briefly see the message Microsoft employees about the forthcoming Office upgrade Office applications 2016, preview version which you can download the Windows program office 2016 pro product key participants Insider. Message for unknown reasons soon disappeared from the blog.
Famous blogger Paul Turrott (Paul Thurrott) managed to publish on its website announced Microsoft innovations.

Rapid changes 2016 Office Preview (information obtained from Turrotta blog):

Presence in real time. This function will be a key element that would allow collaboration — it allows you to see which section of the document is currently editing by other users. At first opportunity will be available product key windows 10 pro 2016 only to subscribers OneDrive for Business, but then Microsoft will expand its audience.

Simplified file sharing. Office 2016 applications Share a new option will appear, from which you will provide access to the file to others, who will be able to view the document, as well as comment and edit it.

Read More – Office.com/setup