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Connecting your tablet device with your PC can prove to be quite helpful as an individual can simply transfer their desired files and data on their PC to maintain the available space in their devices. So users can opt for multiple methods to pair their tablets as mentioned below and easily transfer any files and documents.

Using a USB cable To Pair Tablet With PC

  • Use the charging cord of your tablet and insert it’s one end with your tablet.
  • Now insert the other end of the cord inside the USB port of your device. A notification would appear once the cable is correctly connected to both the devices.
  • Once the drivers of your tablet install on your PC, then select the notification on your tablet to navigate connection options.
  • After that, choose the “Media Device” option to allow data sharing and file transfer between the two paired devices.
  • Then hold the “Win +E” keys from your PC keyboard to launch File Explorer.
  • Now choose the “This PC” option which would pop-up a list of all the devices paired with your system.
  • After that, select your tablet name from the list of devices paired to access the files stored in your tablet.

Using a USB cable To Pair Tablet With Mac

  • First, install a File Transfer on your Mac system for transferring files from an Android tablet.
  • Head to by using your web browser.
  • Now hit the “Download Now” option to initiate the download process.
  • Then launch the “androidfiletransfer.dmg” after the download process ends.
  • Now simply use your mouse to drag and drop the “Android File Transfer” to your Application folder.
  • After that, go through the validation process and finish the installation process.
  • Now use the charging cable of your tablet and insert its charging port inside the tablet.
  • Then insert the other end of the cable with USB inside the USB port of your Mac.
  • After that launch the “Android File Transfer” program from the Application folder of your system.
  • Now select the popped-up notification to open the list of available network options on your tablet.
  • Then hit the “Media Device” button to enable file transfer between your paired Tablet and Mac system.

By going through the steps mentioned above, an individual can easily link their tablet with their Mac and share files easily. Although there are other viable options to pair the tablet with your computer which include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pairing, still such wireless pairing alternatives have reduced file transmitting speed and privacy issues.

So it is best recommended to use wired connection while pairing your tablet with your computer. Hopefully, users will now be able to pair their table with their computer with great ease and share their desired files.

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How to download Microsoft office/setup 2016 for free

How to download Microsoft office 2016 for free – We always need a program to help us edit our documents. One of these programs is really famous, a platform that will help you do many tasks easily and perfectly. The office is a program designed by Microsoft because people were in need to have a platform where they can edit and correct their documents. Dealing with documents has been a vital thing in any company or school. We were in need of a program that might help us do our work in a different way, especially after the invention of computers and operating systems like Windows. Today, we are going to give you some tips and steps to download Microsoft Office 365, 2016, and 2019.

First of all, you need to know that Microsoft Office 2019 is newly released, and it is a program that is not cloud-based. If you are trying to download Microsoft Office 2019 you need to store your files in a safe place. Microsoft Office 2019 is not available for regular customers. The Office 365 version needs to be connected to the internet because it is a cloud-based program. Other versions are specially produced for customers at home and business who do not need to access the internet to do their tasks. You can also get more information about the products on the Microsoft Office website.

Download the program for free

If you want to download the program for free, it is doable. You can always use Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Online for free. Just type Microsoft Office free on any search engine and click the link that says In there, you can find the online products of Microsoft and you can use. This program includes one of the most important programs which is Microsoft Office Word.

It is a text editor that can help you make a new file document, give you access to other documents in the same format, edit and make corrections, and select from a number. There are other text editors but Microsoft Word has gained enough ground to be one of the most famous programs of all times. This program is really helpful and useful. More –

How to download Microsoft office 2016 for free

You can download the full package from the Office website if you are a student or a teacher. As long as you provide your credentials to Microsoft, you will be able to download it for free. You can use Office for free as long as you are working as a teacher in the establishment or you are studying at the university. If your school or university doesn’t offer such options, you can always go to your IT department and get them to license Microsoft Office for students and teachers. If you are not a teacher or a student follow these steps to download Microsoft Office.

How to download Microsoft office 2016 for free

First of all, you are going to start by writing on your favorite search engine these three words: Microsoft Office Download. After that, you will have many different results from the research. Make sure to enter the Microsoft official website so that you won’t be a victim of hacking or scamming. In the Microsoft Download Center. You will have the word Shop Now. Before you click Shop Now you need to log in to your Microsoft account. This will help you in the upcoming steps. UK

You will have all the Microsoft Office products in front of you. Now it is your turn to decide which products suit you the most and for that let us go through these topics. First, decide what kind of work you are trying to do. If you are using the product to write your own diary at home, present some photos or manage your monthly payment then you are using it for home. For that, you need to go with the Home version. Other purposes that you might also use the Home version or the Student version are the university tasks and assignments. However, if you are using the Microsoft office for your business, go with the business version.

This version gives you more access to programs like Microsoft Access where companies actually use it for databases. Second of all, you have to decide the plan you are going through to buy and download this program. Many different plans are offered to you as a customer. The website will display the Best Value offer and the Most Popular offer. You can also use the Microsoft Office basics plan offer for a cheap price.

How to download Microsoft office 2016 for free

How to download Microsoft office 2016 for free

The business version gives you more options to your program. The program offers you options to control your invoicing and booking for meetings. For example, the program can actually conduct a video conference for almost 250 people together. If you do have a problem, the program offers 24/7 support via phone and web chat. The program saves a lot of time and effort. As part of project management, it is really helpful for budgets and frameworks of the project. It gives access to almost 300 users to share their documents together.


Now after you chose the plan and you are ready you need to sign up in the Microsoft website. If you already have an account you can log in by writing your email and password in the place. These are some tips that might be helpful in the process. First and foremost, you need to use a valid email because all of your documents will be stored online. you provide the website with your first and last names, your mobile phone number and your company name if you choose the business version. The website will ask for a confirmation that you are not a report.

As a result, you need to have your mobile phone around, you can either tell the website to send you a code by a text message or you can have them call you to enter the code. Enter your code and move to the next step. You need to fill in your payment and billing information. Fill your name and your card number. Write your billing address for delivery of the product or you can get it easily by downloading.

Microsoft Office will not only help you with your documents, but it will always help you organize them also. The program offers a free space online for you to organize and store your files in a safe place. What is so amazing about this project is that you can download it easily following the previous steps we have mentioned in the article. Its interface is easy and you will get used to it in no time. Enjoy your experience to the max with Office and always make sure that you have a suitable program for a suitable job.

The best strategy to use Split Screen Feature on Mac

Split screen modes parcel your PC screen into two particular parts so you can see two novel windows meanwhile. This is enormously profitable for research exercises and continuously complex work assignments (especially on PCs), which is the reason such countless and specialists pursue down ways to deal with part their screen at whatever point they get another Mac PC.Install Office Setup – Sign-in to you microsoft account and then Enter 25 digit alphanumeric office setup product key on Select country and on next to start office installation.

Directly for the inspiring news: In additional exceptional types of MacOS, there’s an amazingly basic part screen mode considered Split View that anyone with a revived Mac can use. In this guide, we’ll tell you the best way to use Split View on a Mac to exploit your system.

While interfacing different outside screens is reliably a believability for greater endeavors, here’s the methods by which to parcel your screen on more diminutive measurement, at whatever point you need.


Stage 1: Begin by opening the Mac windows that you have to parcel into a part screen. Program windows, applications, records — anything you want. Pick one window in the first place, and look in the upper left corner. You should see three shaded bits: red, yellow and green. They can be used to control the window.

Stage 2: If you glide over the right-side green spot, you’ll see it has two little broaden jolts. This is the trick you need. Hold down on the green touch, and the window will expand/contract as required, by then slide into one bit of your screen. Do whatever it takes not to tap the green catch, since this puts the window into fullscreen Green Button Close Upmode.

Stage 3: One bit of your Split View is done. By and by select the other window that you have to Split View. This window should normally move to cover the contrary side of your screen, completing the Split View inclusion. You can tap either window to switch focus forward and in reverse as required.


Your split view shouldn’t be a half and half deal. Or maybe, you can pick which window gets more screen time. Scan for the dim bar in the midst of the screen — it is dainty in High buy ultram pills Sierra and diverse types of MacOS, anyway Apple has made it far thicker in its Mojave release. Snap and hold that bar, and you can move it right or left to give either window even more land. This is particularly useful in the event that you’re endeavoring to see a broad site page with odd structure or need extra space for a noteworthy spreadsheet.Split View Adjust

If you comprehend you lean toward the windows on different sides, by then snap and hold one window, and drag it over despite what might be expected side. The windows will thusly switch places.

In like manner, recollect that adjusting between screens can get a touch of dumbfounding when you’re first making sense of how to use it. You may find a couple of windows vanished to your dock or to a side menu when you’re set. Do whatever it takes not to stretch, you likely didn’t lose anything forever, essentially keep looking for where Apple put it. Guaranteeing you’re educated in Mac comfort substitute ways may help here.

Finally, if the windows are preposterously little for you, you can alter your objectives to help improve matters. When you’re set up to leave Split View mode, basically click on the green spot on either window. This will restore the two windows to their one of a kind state and empower you to proceed with what you were doing before you started using Split View.

Do you have a lot of windows open right this minute and need something more comprehensive than Split View to look at them all? Mission Control can help. This mode exhibits to every one of you the windows you have open in a best bar while furthermore giving you an at-an isolated look at all the windows at present on your screen.

You can gain to Mission Power from various perspectives, yet a standout amongst the least requesting is to simply drag a window up to the incredibly best of your screen, which should subsequently enter Mission Control mode. Then again, Apple supports normally go with a F3 Mission Control get. You can enter Mission Control while in Split View if you need, which is a basic technique for trading windows as indispensable.