Microsoft office Excel Tips – Use Conditional Formatting To Find Duplicate Data

There may be many reasons to look for and eliminate duplicate data in Excel. If you use Excel as lots of people do for managing lists or tables of data you may manage a list of customers, employees or an inventory then duplicate records need to be eliminated. Also as a database grows duplicate entries can be a problem, which in themselves can cause issues for data quality and analysis.

You also may have inherited an Excel workbook or a Comma Separated Value (CSV) and are unaware of the quality of the data list. It is usually good practice to review data quality and cleanse the data. One the first stages of this cleansing process is to find and remove duplicate data entries.

One effective way to identify duplicate data in Excel is to use Conditional Formatting.

First of all, you need to set the conditional formatting rules.
Select the range of cells that contain your data you want to analyze i.e your data table or list.

Select the Home Tab in Excel Hit Conditional Formatting Select the option New Rule to display the Conditional Formatting Dialog Box Hit the option Use a formula to determine which cells to format Under Format values where this formula is true to type following formula =COUNTIF($A$1:$C$3), A1)>1 This formula will count how many values in the range A1:C3 is identical to the value in cell A1 in the first instance and appear more than once. As you have applied this formula to all cells in the data range it looks at all cells in the range and applies the same formula. Hit the Format button and select the formatting you want Excel to show if it finds duplicate data i.e if the condition specified is true. I usually specify a color to highlight duplicate values. Just choose whichever formatting you want to so that duplicates stand out for you. Hit OK to finish and highlight the duplicate values specified.

Let’s look at it this formula in action using an example.
Here is my data range in cell A1:C3
150 170 180
170 123 176
176 170 176
Applying my formula, with formatting to BOLD any duplicate values my result would look like the below
150 170 180
170 123 176
176 170 176
As you can see the values 170 and 176 are easily seen as duplicates in my data range.
A quick and easy way to highlight duplicate data in Excel!

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A Guide To Using Video In Microsoft office PowerPoint

The word video combined with PowerPoint has sent a shiver down the back of even the most seasoned presentation designer over the years. With the words “is it going to play?” never far from one’s lips.
However, in PowerPoint 2019 you couldn’t be in more creative or safer hands, as PowerPoint 2019 gives you more audio and video options than ever before to help create a cinematic presentation which is easy, more engaging and dynamic.

The new tools and features
One of the main benefits of the new video feature is the ability to be able to trim the media. This allows you to focus on the main messages within the video, ensuring you’re not forcing your viewers to watch content that’s not relevant to them or your story. Trimming your video within PowerPoint saves you time as it removes any unnecessary additional rendering which may affect the quality of the video. You’re now able to embed the media which saves you having to manage additional files when sharing with others. Placing your video within a shape as you can image, can now be done in 3 simple clicks. This can be an effective solution if you wish to show your video within your logo element or have an intricate animation that you would like to show off. The standard picture editing tools that all PowerPoint users have become familiar with are now also available for video editing, allowing you to add artistic effects such as Image correction, Colour correction, and Border styles. If this wasn’t enough you have the additional elements that have been introduced into 2019 such as shadows, reflections, glows, soft edges, bevels, and even 3D rotation.

As great as all of these new features are, unfortunately, they only work in 2019. If you trim a video, add a transition or artistic effect and send it to someone using anything other than 2019, the edits or trim won’t work, as previous versions of PowerPoint don’t have these functions whilst also needing videos and audio to be supplied.

So working with video in order to improve presentations is so simple and effective, but there’s more!
You’re now also able to export your presentations as video animations. But why would you want to do that when you can simply send them the actual file for them to view in show mode?
Well firstly, if you have spent a lot of time and money developing your presentation you may not wish to give up the source file so easily. Exporting it as a video allows your message to still be seen without recipients being able to duplicate or edit your slides.

Not only that but as discussed above, if your sending your presentation to a potential client or business prospect who doesn’t yet own 2019 they may not be able to see all of the information, such as video, audio or even fonts. If you share your presentation in a .ppt or .pptx format and have used a font that they don’t have installed on their PC or device the content may appear unformatted and messy, potentially costing you the opportunity.

But apart from this, your new video presentation can be used in ways that your .ppt or the .pptx file cannot. Allowing you to “present” on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, within your blog or simply burn onto a CD or DVD to send to potential clients and viewers. A fact unknown to most is that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web! Why not take advantage of this; it’s an opportunity that your competitors probably haven’t thought of. Not only is it free but your presentation is working 24 hours a day 365 days a year and is accessible to a global audience.

So whether you’re creating a pitch document, producing a sales presentation or are simply looking to get your message across in a more dynamic and visual way. Maybe introducing video elements may be just the thing you need to help you stand out from your competitors.

Robert Morris a Microsoft Office expert has been working in the technology industry from the last 5 year. As a technical expert, he has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Facebook confirms the report of password leak to its employees in a clear manner

Last month, two of the most inspired social media platforms Facebook and Instagram have suffered severe privacy loses by a major bug that exposed user’ passwords as plain text. Facebook confirmed the reports of the incident on March 21, making it one of the worst security breaches in history as it affected millions more than it was previously expected.


The passwords were being stored in a “readable manner” accessible to the internal Facebook employees

It is fascinating that Facebook understated and confirmed the incident in the same post, posted at the end of the March after security researcher Brain Krebs filed his own report on the incident. Pedro Canahuati, the vice president for engineering and security of Facebook, at first wrote that “some” user password were accessible to Facebook employees. After writing a paragraph, he took a U-turn saying that “Hundreds of Millions of Facebook Lite users”, “millions of Facebook users”, and “tens of thousands of Instagram users” were affected from this. At the onset of this bug attack, the users affected by this incident were estimated as close to tens of thousands in total, but later Facebook confirms that the actual numbers are overwhelming. However, they haven’t reached the full count of users affected by the breach but if we take into account the magnitude of the impact, even 1 million is still a great number.

We will be notifying users impacted by the incident as we notified others, so they can change their passwords, Facebook penned in the blog. Facebook ensures the users affected by this that the passwords were exposed only to in-house staff. To be clear “these passwords were not exposed to anyone outside the company” and they are readable only to the Facebook employees. The company also ensured the users that the investigation has determined that the stored passwords “were not internally abused or improperly accessed”.

We don’t have an exact number of people affected by this incident that we can share, said by the Facebook spokesperson Liz Bourgeois. Reportedly, she refused to unveil the timing of their latest findings on this incident.

Facebook also found problems with how it saves user’s data including access token and resolved them. The privacy and security of Facebook users are of paramount importance to us and we will keep making continuous efforts to ensure the deliverance of best possible security at Facebook, Said by Canahuati.

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