How can I check if the Microsoft office key is genuine?


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<br>Any software installation on your PC or laptop requires a product key. The product key is the unique code generated especially for you. This ensures that only you are using the software. One product key can be used only once for that particular software. <br><br>However, being in the online world, the intelligent minds found an alternative for this too and started using the software without buying ar legally installing it. This, of course, created a mess for the software generators. <br><br>To avoid this misuse and tackle the situations, companies started to promote the subscription module, instead of the purchasing module. Different software companies started advertising for monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription, instead of giving the complete ownership. <br><br>This step was taken to stop software counterfeiting. Giants like Adobe and Microsoft also do not sell a license for the apps and software. They are also promoting subscription-based models. Though you can still buy a licenced version with a product key, however, this is not much suggested. <br><br>This new subscription model led to t=misunderstanding amongst the users, They thought that they could no longer buy the product key from Microsoft or, the product key that they have is no longer genuine. This misconception led them to third party sellers for product keys. One major risk in this was, not all third-party vendors sold genuine key.<br><br>Therefore, I came up with this blog. Today I am going to list down the steps on how to check if the Microsoft Office key is genuine.<br><br>

  • When You Need Microsoft Office Key?

    You will require the Microsoft product key when you are installing office for the first time on your PC or laptop. Or you may also need it if you are updating or reinstalling Office. There are two ways through which you might have got your Microsoft Office. 

    1- Either you bought it from a store
    2- You purchased it from online Microsoft site.microsft-office-setup

  • In both cases, you will get a product key. If you bought Office through an online site, you need to do the following steps:

    1- Open the official Microsoft site –

    2- In the upper right corner, you can see the Sign-in option. Enter the login id and password you used while buying the product.

    3- After signing in click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and then select Order History.

    4- Locate your purchase and click Install Office. When you click this, it will not actually install office, but only show you the product key. 

    5- When the product key window appears, click on Install Office again.

    6- Next window will show you a welcome message “Hi. Let’s get your office” do as prompted, enter the product key and install office.

  • This Microsoft Office key will be genuine because it was generated on the official Microsoft Store online site. 

    If you bought Office from a local store, you need to follow the following steps to install office:

    1- Start the Office app that you have purchased. You will be redirected to the sign-in window.

    2- In the sign-in window, select “I don’t want to sign-in or create an account”.

    3- In the next window, just enter your product key and office product installation process will begin.

    Now, comes the point on 


  • How to Check if the Product Key is Genuine?

    These simple steps will help you to check if the Microsoft Office key is genuine or not.

    1- Open this page
    2- Enter your credentials for Microsoft account and click next.
    Next, you will be redirected to ‘Enter Your Product Key’ window.

    Enter the Product key that you have. If your product key is valid, you will be redirected to the download setup files window. If your key is not valid, you will see an error like the shown below.

    If your key is valid for other versions of Office like Office 2007, Office 2010 or Office for Mac, you will be redirected to this page. There you can enter your product key and download the right version. 

  • Be aware of fraud sellers. Trust only the authentic site to purchase not just Microsoft but any software or apps.
  • How can I check if the Microsoft office key is genuine?
  • Microsoft will never directly prompt that the product key is not genuine. However, if you have been cheated and given an invalid key, it will always show an error. The chances are high that you are counterfeited if you see this error message. 

    If you have purchased Office from a known retailer, there are chances that you can go back to the store, report about the fake key and get the right one. However, getting it to change or hoping for a refund will be useful, if you purchased the product from any random online seller. 

    It is always advised to buy software and app from the authentic Microsoft store website. The possibilities of getting a fake key are almost none. However, if for any reasons you are unable to purchase it from the main site, try to buy it from a known and reliable vendor. 

    An even better way is to go for the Subscription model and renew your license as per your requirement. This is a much safer way because – One – you have zero possibility of being counterfeited by fake vendors. Two – you have the flexibility of renewing or cancelling your subscription on a monthly or yearly basis as per your needs.

What is Application Guard and what it implies for Office 365


Download with our assistance group without completing any work independent from anyone else.

Office for Mere Mortals enables individuals around the globe to get more from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Conveyed once every week. free.

Ms is touting Application Guard as a barrier against Office 365 large scale infections. What is it and will it really avert infections in Word, Excel or PowerPoint archives?

Application Guard is as of now in the Edge program and Ms has reported that it will be stretched out into Office 365 at some point in mid 2020. They’ve not said which Office 365 plans will get this security highlight (Enterprise clients just or customer designs as well?).

Office infection assurances now

Right now, opening a report from an obscure source, email or Internet places the record into ‘Ensured View’.

Ensured View is a ‘perused just’ mode and not a great deal of utilization for some individuals who need to alter the record.

what is application protect and what it implies for office 365 ms office 32529 – What is Application Guard and what it implies for Office 365

Programmers utilize all way to stunts to get individuals to tap the ‘Empower Editing’ fasten or empower macros. That allows the to vindictive code, spyware or ransomware run on the PC.

Office needs an approach to detach editable reports with macros which clients have accidentally empowered.

Office itself is an issue

The other issue is the risks in Ms Office. Consistently there are patches for Office or Windows to square recently discovered bugs that programmers abuse.

Those patches will proceed for years to come because of the multifaceted nature of programming and equipment.

How will Application Guard help?

There’s no way of Windows/Office turning out to be programmer verification with no security patches required. Clients, being human, will consistently commit errors or be deceived.

What’s required is an approach to open Office archives with macros empowered yet at the same time incapable to contaminate or raise a ruckus to your PC.

Application Guard intends to segregates the archive’s entrance to the remainder of the machine and system.

Regardless of whether a malignant full scale or security bug is abused, the awful code won’t have the option to get to different pieces of the PC.

It’s an augmentation of the Hyper/V and Sandbox innovation as of now in Windows 10. The record opens in a detached sub-framework with constrained access to the remainder of the PC.

Here’s Ms chart of how Application Guard functions with their Edge program.

Supplant ‘Ms Edge’ with ‘Ms Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher’.

Application Guard will just apply to Office on Windows 10, not Mac or different gadgets.

The overlooked details are the main problem

It sounds extraordinary and we anticipate seeing Application Guard practically speaking.

Programmers will promptly search for new chances, either specialized breaches or approach to fool individuals into bypassing Application Guard.

We’ve seen this previously. Ms overhyped Office Protected View as a panacea however it wasn’t.

It didn’t take long for programmers to make messages or archives worded to trick individuals.

How to Install Office on Windows?


Office Setup is something that you should have on your laptop or PC. But installing the software is sometimes very tricky and can get confusing. You need not worry. Today in this blog I am going to give you a complete step by step guide on how to install Office Setup on Windows. 

Office 365 gives you access to full application. You can use the software across devices, it gives you extra online space as well. And the best part is you can use the software virtually from anywhere. You only need to have your credentials and login details in place.

Step by Step Guide to Install Office on Windows from the website:

Log in to your Microsoft account


The first thing that you need to do is log in to your Microsoft account. If you have been using any of these Microsoft services such as, OneDrive, Xbox Live or Skype, you already have an account. 

If not, you can always click on the create account button and make a new Microsoft account. 

Enter your email id, phone or skype id. Type in your password and log in. 

Enter Your Product Key


After signing in you need to enter your product key and then click on next. You can find your product key at the back of your product card or on the receipt.

Once you are done with the product key, you can activate Office on other devices with your log in details.

You do not have to enter the product key every time. After entering your product key.

It will ask you for your Country/Region and your language. Fill in the details and click ‘Next’.

Services and Subscription Page


These were three simple steps to install Microsoft Office on Windows from the official website if you have your product key.

Now let us have a look at the steps to install the software manually.

For this, you will need the .exe file and the product key.

Step by Step Guide to Manually Install Office on Windows:

Step 1:

Before you install the Office Setup, you need to uninstall any old version or any trial version that you have been using. To remove/uninstall the setup follow these steps:

  • Go to the control panel on your system. 
  • Click on Add/Remove Programs.
  • Locate the office setup.
  • Double click on the Office software.
  • Follow the instruction to uninstall.

Step 2: 

Before installing the Office setup, you need to update your Windows to the latest version. Once the update is finished you can install the software. To update Windows, follow these steps:

  • Go to the START menu
  • Click All Programs
  • Click the Windows Update Link
  • Download and update Windows.

Step 3:

  • Go to .exe download file (C:\Users\Your Username\Downloads). 
  • Open the folder for the Windows version (32bit – 64bit). 
  • Then double click on the setup.exe file. 
  • Read the license agreement and click on the ‘I Agree….’ checkbox.
  • Click Continue

Step 4:

Click the ‘Install Now’ tab. If you have not uninstalled any old or trial version, when you reach this stage, instead of the Install Now button, you will see an ‘Upgrade’ button here.

Step 5:

After the installation is done click the ‘Close’ button.

Installation of the Office Setup is complete. Now comes the activation part.

Step 1:

  • Go to the START menu.
  • Click on the All Programs > Microsoft Office
  • Then click on any program (Excel, Access, etc) and open it.

Step 2: 

  • When you click on any program, the Activate Office window will pop up.
  • Click on the ‘Enter a product key instead’.
  • Enter the ‘Product Key’ and click ‘Continue’.
  • Next, you will see 3 options – Use recommended settings, Install updates only, Ask me later.
  • Make sure you select the ‘Use recommended settings’ option. 
  • Then click the ‘Accept’ button.

Step 3:

On the next window, you will see a Welcome to your new Office note by Microsoft. 

Click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step 4:

Select the background theme that you want for your Office Setup. Choose from the option list under the tagline ‘How would you like your office to look?’

After selecting the theme, click ‘Next’.

Step 5:

If you want to associate the office setup with the Microsoft account so that you can access your files from anywhere on any device, follow these steps:

  • Click Sign In 
  • Select the type of account you want
  • Sign In, if you already have a Microsoft account. 
  • If you do not have an account, you can always create one by clicking the ‘Sign Up Now’ button. 
  • Create your account

Step 6:

If you do not want to sign in and associate your software with the Microsoft account, you can skip step 5 and click on ‘No thanks, maybe later’. 

Step 7:

Click on the ‘All done’ and your Office Setup is all ready to use on your computer.

So, this was a complete step-by-step guide on how to install Office Setup on windows. I have shared both the steps if you want to install it from the Microsoft site or want to manually install it for your convenience.

Do share your views in the comment box below. You can also add if I might have missed any step. And feel free to reach out if you face any issues while installing Office Setup.