How to Unlink Your Phone Number from WeChat

To verify your WeChat account, you have to link a phone number to the WeChat ID. After linking a mobile number to the WeChat account, you cannot unlink it without replacing it with another phone number or removing the WeChat account. In case you still want to unlink your phone number from WeChat account, then follow the instructions mentioned below.

Steps to Unlink Your Phone Number from WeChat

•    Go to the WeChat application on the computer or mobile device.

•    It resembles a two speech bubble given on olive color background.

•    You will get the WeChat application on the home screen.

•    In case you are getting the conversation menu on the screen, then press on the ‘Black” option to go back to the menu list of all the conversations.

•    Press on the Me option located at the end right-hand side of the display.

•    Press on the Settings option provided at the end of the WeChat profile list.

•    Press on the Account Security option.

•    Click on the Phone option.

•    Press on the Change Mobile option. Here you will get the recently linked phone number and the pin code of a country.

•    Click on the recent mobile number and after that, enter a new mobile number.

•    Press on the OK button.

•    Now, you will get the confirmation code on the new mobile number you had entered already.

•    Type the confirmation code on the given column provided by the WeChat to unlink your phone number.

•    In case you have not got any confirmation code on your registered mobile number, then press on the “No verification code received?” section.

•    At last, press on the Submit button to complete linking the new mobile number to the account registered with the WeChat.

•    Now, you have successfully unlink your phone number from WeChat.

Steps to Remove Your WeChat Account

Before you go through the removing procedure of your WeChat account, you should check the following things mentioned below:

•    Recently, you have not changed the WeChat account password or linked any mobile number in the past two weeks.

•    You need to cancel or deactivate the WeChat Pay and no remaining amount should be due.

•    You should remove all the vouchers given in the Cards and Offers column of the account registered with the WeChat.

•    You should unlink the WeChat account from the third-party applications.

After checking all the following options mentioned above, now you can request to remove your WeChat account. In case your request is not accepted by the WeChat, then you need to click twice on the below-mentioned list:

•    Launch the WeChat application.

•    It resembles an olive color symbol with two speech bubbles, and this application is located on the home screen.

•    In case the WeChat application opens the last conversation window, then click on the Back button to go to the current conversation list.

•    Press on the Me button given at the end right-hand side of the display to open the WeChat profile window.

•    Press on the Settings option.

•    Press on the Account Security button.

•    Click on the WeChat Security Center option located at the end of the menu.

•    Press on the Account Cancellation option located at the end of the Security Center window.

•    Press on an olive color Request Cancellation option.

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Best iOS Security Features You Should Enable Right Now

Is your iPhone is updated with iOS 12? Now, some enhanced security features available for you by Apple. However, lots of essential and confidential information saved on phones ranging from medical records to bank related information and some important photos which we shouldn’t want to delete or share with someone else. Therefore, everyone’s phones are stored with complete data which are important to protect. Apple devices are always known for providing excellent privacy and security on its devices, but recently Apple launched iOS 12 update version to adds several number of security features that react to ever-growing online threats and different ways to interrelate with the world. Well, there are various other handiest security tools and settings in iOS 12, out of all there are few you should enable right now. They are as follows:

Select Your Lockscreen Features

For securing their iPhone users are using passcode, fingerprints, or face ID depending on their device. However, depending on the settings of the device, your information can easily be accessed when your device is locked. This happens because iPhone lockscreen can provide you access to phone calls, text messages, Siri, and other things to do. Since it means that if someone has your phone can easily do lots of things with your phone which you don’t want to do. Fortunately, for the benefits of the users, iOS 12 version allows you to manage what features are showing on the lockscreen. Though, you can change all these settings by using the steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Click on ‘Settings’ option.
  2. After that, press the Touch ID & Passcode or ‘Face ID & Passcode’ depends on your model.
  3. Type your ‘Passcode’ in the prompted field.
  4. Now, scroll down list and choose ‘Allow Access When Locked’ option.
  5. In this option window, you will see the list of options which are as follows:
  6. Today View.
  7. Control Center.
  8. Siri.
  9. Notification Centre.
  10. Reply with Messages.
  11. Home Control.
  12. Return Missed Calls.
  13. USB Accessories.
  14. For any of the feature you wish to block access to direct from the lock screen, toggle the slider Off/White position to disable it.

Use Autofill Passwords to Need Touch ID or Face ID

Sometimes, whenever you saved usernames and password of your website in Safari, so anyone in your known who have your iPhone and has been easily unlock it, and will also be able to sign into any of the website account. It is really huge security threat. But no worries, there is some other settings that can make accessing saved login credentials even more secure and protective. Here are some simple features by which you can easily be able to enable Autofill passwords option. Here how to do it:

  1. Hit ‘Settings’ icon to open settings option on the screen.
  2. Click on ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ or ‘Face ID & Passcode’ depends on the model of your iPhone.
  3. Provide ‘Passcode’ to unlock iPhone on the screen.
  4. Change the Autofill Password slider to Green/On position.

Once Autofill password feature turned on, the saved username and passwords now can only be accessed by someone who have access of the iPhone. Thus, iPhone has biometric security features which are extremely safe and secure. So, your online account will always be safe.

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Office Experience on Mac book air 2019 – We have been using the office for a long time now, We have been using office on all types of devices.

There have been updates regarding office on every occasion of how and when the new devices have been launched. The Office is one of the best ways of getting the best of your work. But to get the best of the software you need it to run smoothly. There is no way that Office is a bulky or heavy, it is just one of the soberest software made in history. You can witness the office on every device, even if the device is old. There is no gossip about having a device that is old enough and is creating an issue with the device. Basically, Office has the most possible on running on the device you are using right now.

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