How to Install and Activate Office 2019 in Windows 10?

Several talks about the Office 2019 setup are taking rounds across the world. Some sources claim that this latest version by Microsoft is going to be a super hit. In this post, I will be explaining the steps on how to install Office 2019, if you too have made your mid to use it soon.

how to install office 2019

Here Steps :how to install Office 2019

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign in to your Microsoft account.

(If don’t have a Microsoft account yet, sign up.)

Step 3: On the Office homepage, select install office setup.

Step 4: Click Install. When the download for Office 2019 installation begins, follow the prompts in the next steps to complete the installation.

Step 6: Run the installation setup as administrator. The installation of Office 2019 will begin.

Step 7: Upon seeing the phrase, “You’re all set! Office is installed now,” select Close.

Step 8: Follow prompts in the window to locate your Office apps.


After downloading and installing Office 2019 , the next step is to enter a product/activation key to verify the suite with Microsoft. To activate Office 2019:

1: Open any Office application.

2: Upon seeing an activation wizard, follow prompts that will lead you to entering the product key.

3: Enter the key and click OK.

Your Microsoft Office 2019 will now be ready to use with premium apps like MS Publish.

Note: If you encounter any errors while or after downloading or installing office 2019 setup, you can always contact a customer care representative at Microsoft Support Centre. Microsoft has highly able tech professionals that will look into your issue with a personalized approach to solve it in the best possible way.

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Where do I locate my Office setup product key to activate the suite?

If you have been using a free version of MS office but the trial period is now expired, visit to purchase a product package or renew the old product. After completing the subscription process, you receive an Office setup product key on your registered email address. Having a using office setup product key is mandatory to activate the software.


If you own an Office setup product key but do not have Microsoft Office setup installed on your PC, you will have to use the Office website. Regardless of the version, whether online or desktop, it is necessary to have a licensed product key in order to activate or reactivate the software.

Use Office setup product key to activate the software

Method 1: For online MS Office setup users

  1. Go to and click Sign in
  2. Enter your Office setup product key in the respective field
  3. Click Continue/ Submit
  4. Open any MS Office app such as Word to launch the program
  5. Click Activate and complete the online activation

Method 2: For Offline MS Office setup users

  1. Launch any random Office app say, MS Office Word
  2. On the app, you will see a highlighted banned right below the toolbar with a clickable ‘Reactivate’ or ‘Activate’ button
  3. Enter the key in the field
  4. Click submit
  5. Click on the button and you will be directed to
  6. Sign in/ Sign up
  7. Click Activate and complete product activation

You have successfully activated Office com setup, online or offline. Contrastingly, if you do not go manually, you may end up facing critical errors, such as Office activation failure, unlicensed product, Office setup product key expired and other. Therefore, it is suggested to use a genuine key for error- free activation.

How to Refund a Game on Steam –

Did you purchase a game on Steam that did not turn up as you expected? Steam has the policy to issue refunds; it’s a simple procedure which includes users sending requests for a refund by filling a form. In case your refund is accepted, you should receive your money back within a week. But sometimes refunds are declined due to some reason. To ensure it does not happen, ensure you ask a return timely with a genuine reason to return a game.

How to Refund a Game on Steam

Process -1 Request your refund

  1. Visit Stream Help – Sign into the Steam account. Press on the “Steam Help” option beside the upper segment.
  2. Choose you want assistance with a purchase – Once you press on “Steam help”, a number of options will appear. You will find the option “A Purchase.” Tap on it.
  3. Choose the game you wish to refund – Now in the given list, choose the game you want to refund.
  4. Describe the problem – You have to describe the problem you have encountered while purchasing. Choose the reason you’re refunding the game.
  5. Ask for your refund – Choose the option “ I’d like the request a refund.”

For instance in the notes segment, key in something like, “I meant to buy the updated version of this game, and it wasn’t explicitly mentioned on the website.”

Process -2 Receive a Response

  1. Keep checking your email for confirmation – You should receive an email verification shortly after requesting your refund. In case you don’t get one within an hour or two, you need to call Steam’s helpline number to ensure that your refund request was received.
  2. Wait for a week regarding your refund – you have to be patient while waiting for your refund. In some cases, refunds are processed quickly or can take a week to clear your refund process.
  3. Keep an eye on the bank account to check if you received your refunded money – If you receive confirmation that your refund approval was accepted, check your bank account.

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